Discover Which Of The 4 Key Stressors Rule Your Life!

  • WHY it's is critical to identify the major stressors in your life so you may develop a plan to overcome stress before it becomes a pathway to chronic disease.
  • WHY people miss key stressors like blood sugar imbalances, inadequate sleep or inflammation that wreck their health just as much as emotional stress
  • HOW unresolved stress is often the cause for ongoing fatigue, anxiety, mood swings & irritability, weight gain, sleep problems & poor relationships


3 Scary Statistics About Burnout + Stress

Over 48%

Of Americans Struggle With The Effects Of Chronic Stress

What's even worse, undiagnosed stress (beyond emotional stress) affects an even larger population, increasing risk for serious health conditions, mood issues & substance abuse.

190 Billion

Burnout & Lower Productivity Cost $190 Billion Each Year

Burnout, anxiety and workplace stress are common, but they are the leading cause for poor work performance, strained relationships & insomnia resulting in a surprising number of physiological imbalances.


Of Americans Experience Increased Stress Since COVID

Because stress is caused by a wide variety of circumstances & incidents – biologically, psychologically, socially – it can be difficult to recognize & understand how it impacts your current health...

Meet Dr. Nishi Bhopal, MD

Nishi Bhopal MD is board certified in Psychiatry and Sleep Medicine. She graduated from the University College Cork School of Medicine, completed her Psychiatric residency at Henry Ford Health System, and a fellowship in Sleep Medicine at Harvard Medical School.

She is also a Certified Integrative Psychiatry Provider. Through her training in Integrative Psychiatry and Ayurveda, and personal experiences with yoga and meditation, she blends the best of ancient wisdom and modern medicine.

Dr. Bhopal is the founder of Pacific Integrative Psychiatry Integrative Psychiatry & Sleep in San Francisco and is a founding member of the SameHere Psych Alliance, a global initiative to reduce the stigma around mental health. She’s on a mission to make mental wellness and the science of sleep easy to understand and accessible to all.


Here's What Clients Say...

"Dr. Bhopal changed my life. Her approach is insightful, intuitive, and effective. I would recommend her to anyone who is interested in transforming their life and wellbeing."


"Dr. Bhopal takes time to educate and discuss mental health rather than just prescribing a medication to fix the problem. She introduces both eastern and western medical perspectives, which has allowed me to find a happy balance in my daily life. It takes effort but it is worth it, and it helps when you have an encouraging and warm person to guide you along the way."


"Dr. Bhopal is fantastic in all areas. She is smart, intelligent, compassionate, patient, open-minded, delightful. I enjoy working with her immensely. Thank you, with gratitude."


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